"One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began...
- Mary Oliver, Dreamwork


Stress Reduction – who doesn’t need that? – you might ask. You would be right! Not only is this little word, “stress”, represent the leading cause of physicians visits, it also taps athletic and work performance, causes accidents, etc., etc…

The good news? Learning how to improve stress reduction skills is effective, fun and in many cases – easy.

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Executive Stress Reduction

SummerSmith has specialized programs for business executives, business owners and other professionals leading stressful lives and careers. SummerSmith understands the challenges and costs of stress on the job – and it’s corresponding effects on performance, health and relationships.

Uniquely Skilled – With education, training and 20 years of experience in both business and mental health – SummerSmith, Inc has helped create award winning executive stress reduction programs in the United States and highly-respected programs in Europe.

Experienced – With SummerSmith’s guidance as product development consultant, The Miraval Health Resort, in Tucson Arizona, received unparalleled national press and customer response.  While still early in the program development stage, The Wall Street Journal reported, “The luxury resort business sure has changed”, The Robb Report called the concept “unique and one of the best in the world”, Mirabella said “How come it’s taken so long for someone to recognize the window in this market?” and McCall’s exclaimed “It’s about time someone came along with a concept this good!”

Available – here and now! – If you are interested to learn more about how stress reduction skills can improve your work performance, health, relationships or business- give us a call at 520.529.1565 – or email us (via the “contact” tab).

Yes, YOU Can Learn!

SummerSmith, Inc. is one of the best-equipped and staffed centers, focused on efficient assessment and assistance for stress-related issues. In their private offices in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona, clients learn stress reduction and relaxation skills that quickly help them improve sleep, health, work or sport performance -and of course, relationships.

In our offices, we have a variety of tools to speed the process of learning – how to relax. Biofeedback for example. This is where you can watch yourself learning to relax! On the screen you can see things like heart rate, hand temperature (cold hands are a common sign of stress), or muscle tension. For many, this instant feedback of information is very valuable in achieving results!

Clients Have Found SummerSmith’s Services Effective With:

Health and Healing -to complement medical care
Grief and Loss
Relationship Enhancement
Professional Excellence
Athletic Competitions
Public Speaking
Addiction Recovery
Weight Management

Stress is one of the most unrecognized causes of distress and can contribute to a wide variety of complaints:

Poor concentration
Tightness in chest
Panic attacks
Repeated accidents
Reduced performance – Work, Athletic, Social
Relationship problems
Lack of energy
Poor sleep
Constant fear or worry
Constant tension
Cold hands and feet
More rapid or deep breathing
Over eating and weight gain
Skipped meals and weight loss
Stomach discomfort
Muscle tension and pain

Anyone with serious physical symptoms should first see their physician to rule out other causes.

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