"One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began...
- Mary Oliver, Dreamwork


Did you ever have this experience? You have been learning better communication techniques; you are ready to listen to your partner and use your new skills to begin a good conversation about something important. Then, your partner says a sentence or two and suddenly you realize your heart is starting to pound, your mind is starting to scream, “it’s not fair” or “you don’t understand me!” and the listening and nice communication exercise is over.

Seems like it is the same discussion and the same emotional response all over again and again. It seems like you can’t change.

Couples Counseling Can Help

The truth is, you CAN change. We have found that our clients need specific skills to improve or maintain a successful relationship – often before learning how to communicate, or have better sex, or cooperate on money issues or parenting, or whatever the issue is. However, couples therapy can help you learn these underlying skills, and then all the other important relationship tasks are MUCH easier and start to make sense and become usable in everyday life.

Our approach to relationship and couples counseling includes evaluating what are the strengths and challenges in the relationship – assess what is needed for your relationships to improve and then focus on addressing the specific skills needed in your particular case. We work with all our clients in a collaborative fashion—we LISTEN to you and bring our experience to bear on your problems and issues. Our approach is pragmatic, but thorough. It is based on identifying specific circumstances and behaviors related to the relationship issues, and then defining, learning, and practicing specific ways to resolve them.

Through out the marriage counseling, family counseling, or relationship counseling process, we invite you to evaluate how you and we are doing. We emphasize your progress so you can enjoy the successes. And we use the evaluations to chart out the next steps in the counseling process to the point you have acquired new, lasting ways to enjoy better relationships.

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