"One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began...
- Mary Oliver, Dreamwork



SummerSmith, Inc is a counseling and consulting private practice that specializes in mental health counseling services and all its related benefits in work, relationships, health, and just being happier. We exist to help you find the best within yourself – and how to continue the process on your own – forever.

As counselors, advisors and consultants, we bring expertise, experience, and compassion to every relationship we begin and keep. Together we face many of life’s challenges, knowing how painful and personal they are at times; but knowing that once addressed and new skills learned – new healing and growth can return quickly .

For example, learning to manage your moods (to be happier, more at peace …) also helps you to be more successful with health (anxiety is one of the leading reasons for a visit to the doctors’ office), relationships (anxiety and depression are leading causes of sexual problems, chemical dependency, anger…) and work (public speaking, dealing with difficult people…).

There are many approaches to mental health in Tucson and everywhere else. Our practice is built around the belief that individuals are capable of modifying their behaviors to achieve success in challenging areas of life. We work together with our clients to change the way they feel, think and act to be more like the persons they want to be. We work to these goals as directly as possible.

This approach is suitable to many kinds of issues, but our practice focuses on areas of expertise where we have deep experience and much success.

We never look for a generic solution to a personal problem. Our role is to work together with you, so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Our founders, Janet Summers, M.Ed., and Reed Smith, M.Ed., are experienced mental health counselors and are licensed by the State of Arizona. We respect our clients’ individuality and privacy deeply. Our practice is a partnership that depends on both partners to commit to success and do what it takes.

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